Are you just beginning to take those first steps towards building your FX trading career?
If so, the FX Start course is the one for you! 

It offers clear, step-by-step guidance on how to trade currency, with minimum risk and maximum results. And to do so, with confidence

Learn how to: 

  • Read Candlestick patterns,
  • Understand pre-trade analysis,
  • Develop trading strategies…

Experienced Forex trading mentor Tim Kirk will be your guide.
Sign up to FX Start and  access a series of video masterclasses – all for a one-off price.

Master the basics of trading with FX Start and then you have the option to progress through to the next level: the Lionshare course, for more advanced FX traders. This unlocks even more benefits including access to live trading tips and the opportunity to network with traders throughout the world.

Take the first step of your trading journey.

FX-START course is structured in 3 chapters :
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Like any new skill set, you have to start off on the right footing. You need to get the foundation right and only then will you have something solid to build upon. Let me be your trading mentor and introduce you to the world of FX trading; what it is, where it is and who trades it.

Our brains’ work most efficiently when recalling images. Your eyes can be trained to read charts and to show you how to interpret what is in front of you. You will learn to see, all over again. Building on that solid foundation.

I’ll walk you through tried and tested strategies that work on the foundation you have built at the beginning of the course. Discover how to read Candlestick patterns more accurately, be super confident in pre trade analysis and assessing currency pairs.
I’ll show you what to do, and when to do it. You will learn the best FX trading strategies, manage risk like a professional and become a solid FX trader!

This training is...

For anyone who wants to learn trading

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