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Hi ! I'm Tim Kirk

Forex trading is exhilarating, fun and rewarding. But it’s not without some risks. 

My 15 years as a trader means I have the experience to share the knowledge and skills you need to minimise those risks and accelerate your trading career.

Do you want to trade with clarity, consistency and – most importantly – with confidence?

I’ve created two online courses (FX-START and The Lion Share Strategy) packed with FX trading strategies to provide you with the clear and simple steps you need to take. Candlestick patterns, pre-trade analysis, currency pairs. Need help? As your mentor, I’ll be on hand to explain how to make the right trading decisions, at the right time.

Whether you are a nervous beginner or more seasoned trader, I’ll also help equip you with one of the most powerful tools a trader can possess: a strong and positive mindset.

My style is relaxed, but focused and you can connect one-to-one with me and fellow Trade for Freedom members around the world for support.

Why have I called it called Trade for Freedom? I love trading. And I also love the freedom it offers. The freedom to spend my life doing what makes me and my family happy.

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training built around 3 core values

Clarity Confidence Consistency

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Liam - Harrogate - UK

"I can now say that over the past 12 months I am significantly profitable - I have more than doubled my account"

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